Drums & Vocals

Cayce started his first drum lessons at the age of 11 and started playing professionally by the age of 15 in a local Country Band. Cayce was a drum instructor at Simmons music Co. in Tumwater, WA. for about five years while playing in various bands that toured the entire west coast and up into Canada.

Cayce has played with Jim and the Doo Tones, The Law Band, The Mountaineers (All Original), The Baker Street Blues Revue, and has had the privilege of meeting and playing with three of the original Heart members, and has played with such greats as Nokie Edwards of the Ventures.
Some of his early influences were Lyall Smith (Uncle), Sandy Nelson, Ian Paice (Deep Purple), Brian Downey (Thin Lizzy), Neil Peart (Rush) just to name a few.
After taking some time off, Cayce decided to go a different direction in music and is now enjoying his time with the Rockin’ Aces Band.

Smokin’ Blues, Country, Classic Rock in a room with 3 other great musicians — it doesn’t get much better than that for him — and that’s what the Rockin’ Aces are all about. In addition to these genres, Cayce also enjoys funk, soul, and a bit of easy listening. Players on my favorites list include Maceo Parker, Shawn Kellerman, Albert King, and of course them other cats in the Rockin’ Aces Band.