Guitar and Vocals

Early musical memories of watching American Bandstand and Elvis deeply impressed Glenn and paved the way for future musical encounters. An eye injury at age six left him in the hospital, and his aunt and uncle brought him a guitar to beat the boredom of recovery. Briefly thwarted by a nay-sayer instructor claiming Glenn’s hands were “too small to play,” Glenn pursued lessons on his own seven years later. High school band concerts did nothing to inspire him musically, and Glenn determined to teach himself at home, listening to his dad’s Magnavox console stereo, manipulating the arm to pick out individual guitar parts. Glenn credits his first band, The 5th Dimension, as his first local professional experience, playing small parties and junior high dances. Playing in this first band would lead to many future bands, including Merging Traffic, Wolf Tucker, Larson Brothers, Jet, Sausalito, Heartland, The Shoppe, and most recently, The Galaxies and the Still Got it Band, Just Us, Hot Flash. Over the years Glenn has played master to many an apprentice, teaching guitar lessons to any age from six to sixty, fostering the same love for music in kids that he felt (also noting no age is too young to start). When speaking to a favorite performing memory, Glenn recalls playing along with his grandpa on the front porch, guitar and banjo represented respectively.