It’s Time To Say Goodbye….

…to the 2016 year and bring in 2017. I’m not sure about the others in the band but I’ve certainly had a lot of fun this last year and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a lot of very nice people. I also got to meet and play with musicians I’ve never met before and let me tell you, there is some great talent out there.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and now the only thing we must get through is December.  Merle Haggard wrote a song called “If we make it through December.” Great song!  okay….squirrel!

I want to thank Paul Martinez of the Still Got It Band who covered me when I had another obligation to take care of. A big shout out to Roy D.McDowell  for setting in for Jack when he had obligations he couldn’t get out of. Thank you Rick Jessup for filling in for Mark just recently at the Tacoma Amvets and then at the Puyallup Eagles. And lastly, she doesnt get enough credit for all her behind the scenes video/audio/photography/ and roadie work…..Deni Crawford Cole.  Thank you all very very much!

To my band mates…..thanks for all the songs I’ve asked you learn, putting up with all my critiques and for just being the cool cats you are. Everything is easy when I have the other Aces on stage with me.  Looking forward to 2017! You ROCK!