Some Thank You’s

Well I decided to do a new look for the Rockin” Aces band website while welcoming in the new year. Here we come 2017!! I cleaned up a few things and added some extra content from this past year. I”m not sure about the rest of the boys but I had some good times up on stage while playing various gigs. One of my most memorable moments was playing the Emerald Downs Horse track and hearing all the positive feedback. The management told us we were the first to get people out of their seats and onto their feet to dance to our music. Pretty damn awesome. Another great memory was playing the Port Orchard Eagles for the 2016 Halloween Party. What a great night and boy do they know how to party in Port Orchard! I would like to personally give a shout out to Paul Martinez of Still Got It Band for covering me at The Flotation Device. Also Rick Jessup for covering us at The Tacoma Amvets and the Aubrun Eagles. Also, Roy D. McDowell for filling in with us at the Auburn Eagles, a private Birthday Party as well as the Port Orchard Eagles Halloween party in 2015. There’s one who doesn’t get much recognition for her behind the scenes help, but a BIG shout out to Deni Crawford Cole  for all the photography, video/audio, setup/tear down and being our band groupie! And of course a big thank you to my family who allow me to continue to do what I love. Thank you band mates….. Rock On!!